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Opportunities are available in the lab to study mechanisms of noncoding RNA function in stem cell maintenance, differentiation and reprogramming. Stem cells are multipotential cells, which are able to indefinitely self-renew, while maintaining the ability to differentiate into the myriad cell types which constitute a multicellular mammalian organism. Often, cells that drive tumorigenesis, tumor evolution, and resistance to therapies display stem cell characteristics. Over the long term, our goals are based on bridging the gap between normal stem cell functions in development and tissue homeostasis, and cancer stem cell contributions to tumors.


Serena Wooten

Clemencio Salvador

Della Yee


Past Members

Sarah Miller (now at McKinsey & Company)



Mauro Calabrese (UNC, Pharmacology)

Praveen Sethupathy (Cornell University)

Jesse Raab (UNC, Genetics)

Jeremy Simon (UNC, Neuroscience)

Joshua Starmer (UNC, Genetics)